Frequently Asked Questions

We accept cash (MXN), Visa, and Mastercard

Electrical current is 110V, the same as in the US.

There are taxis waiting at the airport to bring you into town. You may also rent cars at the airport or in town.

We have free WiFi for our guests that is accessible in your studio as well as on the patio and terrace. But this is Baja, so please be patient if it goes out for a bit. The municipality of Loreto also provides free public WiFi in the plaza and many restaurants and coffee houses also provide free WiFi. If you like to stream media content, you are always well-advised to download content prior to your trip, just in case.

Please use the (BUTTON) on our website to book your stay.

You may cancel without penalty up to one week prior to your arrival.  We will automatically charge the first night stay as a deposit one week prior to your arrival and this is non-refundable.   

There is no smoking allowed in the Studios. Please be considerate of the other guests while smoking outside.

Breakfast in not included with your stay. There is no restaurant on the premises but there are so many wonderful places to eat within walking distance of Casa Mangos! We love to give our recommendations so just ask!

We attempt to have updated information on our website and provide information in our rooms upon check-in.  We are happy to offer our best recommendations for things to do in Loreto and point you towards service providers.

There is an ATM and bank on the main plaza just two blocks from Casa Mangos. There is usually no problem using your ATM card at the bank, but sometimes they "run out" of cash, so plan accordingly in case you can't get cash for a day or two. Most boat captains, restaurants, and large stores and supermarket will accept US dollars, but they must be in VERY GOOD CONDITION. The banks here will not accept bills that have any marks, tears, etc.

Loreto has an International Airport with direct flights from Los Angeles & San Francisco (Alaska Airlines), Phoenix & Dallas (American Airlines), and Calgary, Canada (WestJet) as well as domestic flights from Tijuana, Mexico.

The Municipal Water (tap) is potable, it comes from surrounding aquifers so it is mineral rich.  That said, only you know how the flora of different areas will affect your personal gastric system so we recommend drinking purified water to ensure your stay is without discomfort.

Here at the hotel, we provide purified water free of charge. We do not provide single use plastic or bottled water.  Each room has purfied water jars in the rooms and you can refill them as well as your personal use refillable water containers from the purified water dispenser in our patio.

Tourism is our main business so you can rest assured that local restaurants and bars use purified water and ice in food and drink preparation.  We want you to enjoy you stay!

Loreto is safe for foreign tourists, and the people in our town and outlaying areas will always be glad to help you.

In order to maintain the pristine tranquility of Casa Mangos Hotel and remain respectful of other guests, pets are not allowed at our Hotel.

It is not necessary, (the property is within walking distance to the beach, central areas, and restaurants).Since there are so many amazing places to check out the surrounding areas, guests find it easy to rent a car while in town. There are numerous car rental agencies in town. Our hotel staff will be happy to assist you in making any arrangements from our Hotel.

It is our pleasure to make your stay the very best for you!