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Loreto - Pueblo Mágico

Loreto, a magical town, is considered to be the first human settlement in Baja California Sur. There, in the Sierra de San Francisco, you can see some extraordinary paintings and petroglyphs dating back at least a thousand years; it's like traveling back in time. Additionally, these murals have been considered by UNESCO for special protection.

Closed for Summer

Closed for summer!
Re-opening on October 1st!

How Safe is Loreto Mexico?

While the country is open, many people still want to know “Is Loreto Mexico safe for travelers?” At the beginning of the pandemic, the city quickly closed many businesses, and resorts waved goodbye to their final guests of the winter.

Natural Products by Huitzillin

Casa Mangos cares about our guests as if you were part of our family.  To that end, we have partnered with Huitzillin, to provide handmade shampoo, soap, and lotion. Huitzillin has specially designeed her handmade products with our guests and the times in mind.  She uses natural plant extracts and essential oils, with naturally occuring anibacterial properties, to provide protection without over-drying skin.

Whale watching

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world because of its weight and length, not only today but throughout history. During this tour, you will observe the blue whale very closely on its way through Mexican coasts.