Traditional Festivities of San Francisco Javier

Mission San Javier, in the Sierra Giganta Mountains above Loreto, was the second mission founded in the Californias. (Loreto was the first.) Local officials, religious clergy, and community members organize festivities in honor of San Francisco Javier, to be held on the 1, 2 and 3 of December annually.

Whale watching

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world because of its weight and length, not only today but throughout history. During this tour, you will observe the blue whale very closely on its way through Mexican coasts.

How Safe is Loreto Mexico?

As you dream of the ocean breeze rustling through palm trees, there may be one very important question on your mind: Is Loreto, Mexico safe?

Natural Products by Huitzillin

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Loreto - Pueblo Mágico

Loreto, a magical town, is considered to be the first human settlement in Baja California Sur. There, in the Sierra de San Francisco, you can see some extraordinary paintings and petroglyphs dating back at least a thousand years; it's like traveling back in time.