Is Loreto Mexico Safe for Travel?

Is Loreto Mexico Safe for Travel?

Posted on: Apr 03, 2020

Loreto Mexico is the ideal destination for travelers looking for all the beauty and excitement of a Mexico vacation but without crowds of tourists. The small-town charm of the city and it’s warm hospitality make it the perfect spot for everything from family vacations to romantic getaways. 

As you dream of the ocean breeze rustling through palm trees, there may be one very important question on your mind: Is Loreto Mexico safe? Despite what you may hear on the news or watch in movies, most of the popular destinations in Mexico are very safe and welcoming to visitors, and when you book a vacation to Loreto, you’ll be able to relax in peace and play to your heart’s content.

Can I Travel to Mexico Right Now?Many travelers’ plans were scrapped when travel bans and border closures were announced earlier this year, and one of the biggest announcements was a set of new restrictions at the Mexico border. To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, non-essential border crossings were halted. However, this Mexico travel advisory only applied to the land border and crossings by foot or car. Throughout the year, airports have remained open in Mexico, and citizens of both the U.S. and Mexico have been able to freely travel back and forth. While many other countries are still closed to American tourists, Mexico is still welcoming international guests.

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